Season Opener!

Spring comes late to Estonia, so the natural impact for me is that the cycling season starts a bit later over here.

While over in France, Belgium and Italy the cycling season is already well underway and just last week the famous Paris Roubaix ’pave’ was lifted.

For me the start of the Spring here in Estonia means I can finally get to photograph what I enjoy most - cycling races.

The last months have been spent photographing an interesting range of things that I usually do in the ‘off-season’ from Winter sports to private events, from studio portrait sessions to food, from Musicians to Sauna-fanatics. All those things that I really enjoy, but it is in cycling where my real passion lies.

I plan to kick things off this year with the classic season opener, the Sangaste ‘White Roads’ classic held over gravel and road. Then follows a couple of Mountain bike races as part of the Bosch MTBest series before I finish my spring off with the 3 day UCI Tour of Estonia and Tartu Rattaralli cyclosportive. Looking ahead to summer i have quite a busy programme mixing bike races and weddings, but more of that closer to the time.

As always I will try to update my social media accounts with pictures from these events. Looking forward to seeing you on the road.

Epic of Norway!

This month I spent a few days in Norway photographing a fun and active group of bike riders as they travelled 700km + from Alesund down to Bergen.

I never knew there was so many great climbs in Norway, some climbs were 18km long and climbed 1400m while others were shorter and steep at 30%. All in all it was a great week and I went along to try record it’s epicness (spelling?) as much as possible.

Here are some of my favourite shots.

Meie Päev

Wedding season is in full swing! Since my last blog post I have been busy photographing and capturing some more beautiful weddings while my wife Margit has been almost non-stop this summer performing, singing and getting people to dance at wedding all across Estonia. With Margit we together had one interesting idea, to make a combined group of wedding photography and wedding music - we called this group Meie Päev, the name being a reminder of what weddings are, the most special day for the couple.

You can see this website here: meiepä

We are still working on expandingt he website and hope to soon add Margit’s music page, a blog section and also an about us page. Please check it out and feel free to share with anybody planning to tie the know and have their own special ‘meie päev!’

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